Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Folkmen and folkwomen, traditionally speaking!
let us chime this little rhyme...

♪The roaring sea waves roll on in course

I’d never know why they should see the shores
The murmuring they make when they do meet
I’d never grasp what tidings they do feed
♪The hastening symphony, I hear them far away
Rushing in with royal conviction all the way
Bliss music sojourning through the miles
Shipping in laden with uncountable smiles.
♪This is all pleasant and exceedingly soothing
But wake up and watch for your footing
This was a dream or so I thought
I was dreaming of a battle already fought
♪All this while I thought I knew
Lest did I know I was among the few
All fools think they alone know
That in mid summer it doesn’t snow
♪Was this a dream? I wish it was
But if it wasn’t and must come to pass
Help it go past in a rush
And let me sink again into bliss hush.

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